Swiss Knife is a leading consultancy specialized in F&B project management,
restaurant, and cafe concept creation.

We are a team of educated and experienced talents equipped to design and develop your F&B project, be it a kitchen, FMCG factory, restaurant, café, or any operation facility related to F&B.

Our team consists of experts with highly reputed Swiss education in the hospitality and service industries. We do complete concept design and project management. We assist aspiring entrepreneurs in developing their existing business concepts or starting a successful one from the ground up.

Create the best Culinary Experience

Develop a successful restaurant with our expert F&B consultancy services. We provide the best services, including restaurant design creation and menu engineering. Unique interior designs and an enticing menu will make you the most popular diner in Dubai.

Our team will support you in all the stages of developing a business. We will place you in the most prominent location. Our previous projects, such as Ayoush Cafe and Urban Deli, are located in Trade Centre Area, attracting crowds around all seasons.

Branding, for us, is not merely the logo design or colours. It is each customer’s experience. The taste and smell that reaches them. We offer the best services in developing brand identity, design, and marketing. Swiss Knife will help you identify new market opportunities and create practices that put innovation and growth at the forefront. Customer-friendly and insightful plans can make your business unique in the world of F&B business.

We believe in creating a perfect balance of innovation and planning to build successful business models. We provide turnkey projects with sound business models. To stand out in an ever- changing, highly competitive industry, choose SWISS KNIFE.