Concept design & Branding

We start from social media, location signage through communicating tools, to landing in the customer plates. We carefully match our interior design with brand identity and brand guidelines, which include all table sets and menu design.

Menu Engineering & Operation

Besides the general menu direction, we take care of the menu look and feel and study our clients’ demographics and behaviors, so we make sure that it can be navigated easily through our user-friendly design to land in our signature dishes.

Interior Design & Kitchen Layout

Starting from a reachable location that can generate footfall and ending with a location as a beautiful pin memory to come back to. Space is diced into zones and each zone is well analyzed as per look and feel from one side and operation friendly from the other side.

Feasibility Study & Business Plan

We argue your budget before we even drink coffee to ensure that there are no hidden expenses or surprises that may cause turbulence in takeoff or landing. We keep one eye on our project and the other on the market, starting from choosing the right location all the way to delivering your food to the fork.

F&B Project Management

Project management is the maestro for your brand symphony to ensure we deliver the project as per the initial studies and international standards. Besides organizing all resources, we are also responsible for choosing your suppliers and preparing all forms and procedures for the entire supply chain. 


We come to evaluate and diagnose your issues, analyze the problem, and highlight it up. Make it less harmful to your financials and numbers, as the earlier the problem, the cheaper it will be to solve it.

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