June 17, 2022

It’s no secret that finding competent hospitality employees – particularly cooks – is difficult these days, especially as the holiday season approaches. Everyone is short on employees, and it appears that there aren’t enough people to fill the voids. How to find people who work in the hospitality industry?

With that in mind, are there any possible solutions?


Many of our clients are currently dealing with fewer people or people who aren’t as qualified. Simple procedures and a pared-down menu can work wonders for your company. We usually say that doing ten things well is preferable to doing twenty things poorly, and most consumers would agree.

Due to a labor shortage in the hospitality industry, this may be a risk your company may have to take. However, there are a few things you can do to boost your chances of retaining employees for extended periods of time.

  • Opportunities to grow
  • Looking after mental health
  • Building trust and culture in the team


Advertising- Posting job ads on your own social media or on services like Indeed, Jobs Now, or LinkedIn is the most common way to proceed. Incentivizing your employees to reach out to their friends and contacts is also a good idea. It pulls people together and builds a team that works for each other.


Everyone in the hospitality industry has worked in a toxic atmosphere at some point. I’m grateful to state that hospitality has evolved significantly during the previous two decades. Where there was once aggression, stress, bullying, and perhaps a badge of honor proclaiming how difficult everything is now, there is now a medal of honor proclaiming how difficult everything is. This has resulted in more pleasant working environments, higher incomes, shorter working hours, and a more inclusive experience for the younger worker than in past years.

However, the only long-term solution to the shortage of hospitality workers is to make working in our fantastic restaurants, pubs, and clubs more appealing.