Food & Beverage Concept Creation

Let’s go bananas with your concept

Now here’s some food for thought. What’s a restaurant without a concept? At Swiss Knife, we believe that restaurants must serve more than just food. They must offer some sort of experience that will leave them craving for more.

hospitality Interior Design

Your restaurant’s interiors need to be crafted as passionately as your dishes are prepared. We will help you design everything from the entrance to the washroom and look beyond just surface finishes and textures. We will create a flow map to ensure a smooth flow of diners and staff through the entire restaurant. Only after this is achieved do we get into the aesthetics side of it. Our designers will play with the right colors and fabrics to make diners crave for more.

FOOD & BEVERAGE Brand Identity

What you stand for should be clearly and innovatively communicated through your brand’s design and color system. This goes beyond just building a logo; it includes tone of voice, social media, signages, and more. That is why we offer a comprehensive brand identity service to encompass menu design, advertising templates, delivery box design, delivery van wraps, and more.

FOOD & BEVERAGE Menu Engineering

Menu innovation is vital to any food business. We have the ability to develop menus for both single- and multi-cuisine brands. We understand the back-end development of a menu, how the kitchen is run, the cost of ingredients, and the ability to prepare the dishes with maximum consistency. But at the heart of it all is our understanding of consumer taste and preferences. And our master chefs will guide you every step of the way until the cookie crumbles exactly the way you want it to.

Food & Beverage Kitchen Layout

This is perhaps the most important part of any restaurant. It is the heart, the engine, the soul of your business. It is your “art studio”. Thus, it requires maximum attention. When we design your kitchen, we will consider everything from Food and Safety regulations as well as production & efficiency. Of course, we add up all the kitchen equipment that you will need to create your dishes – from ovens to refrigerated tables and chilled boxes.