June 16, 2022

Social media for your small food business – worth it or not?

Developing a successful social media presence takes patience, persistence, and a deep understanding of technology. It is not easy to choose a platform. Is Instagram for you, or should you opt for TikTok or Twitter?

However, what many clients/individuals usually want to know is if it is worth it?

The answer to this question is: IT DEPENDS

Since being a small business owner means juggling multiple roles and looking after various aspects of work, there may not be enough time to do everything or to do it well enough to get the results. In addition, with heightened success stories floating around – like how one good post can generate millions of followers and scale your business to new heights – this might seem like an easy task. In the end, however, it is very unlikely that your social media will achieve the goals you set without hard work and a consistent message.

Alternatively, if you have a clear vision and strategy for your marketing and goals, or even the budget to hire someone to handle the business, amazing things can happen. This makes it really worthwhile. Here is why: 


Reaching out to your customers and vice versa is an advantage, especially for small business owners. Strong bonds can be built through interactions with customers. By creating a strong community, you can create a following that trusts, gives, recommends supports your brand, and buys your products.  


Engaging in social media allows you to directly communicate with your customers. Reaching out is a great way to get immediate feedback, ask for advice and opinions, or even find ideas for your next product, service, or campaign.


According to recent studies, more customers are researching brands on Instagram, meaning that having a weak or non-existent social media presence can drive customers away. With the technology at our fingertips, it’s so easy to find another, similar company that puts more effort into their social media presence, thereby losing business to them.


These days, sharing experiences, such as food, on social media is so common that not enabling it or not sharing might mean you are missing out on a great opportunity. Customer experiences can help businesses better understand what sells, what people want, and who their customers are.


With just one generous post by an account with a greater following or an influencer story mentioning your food business, it is now easier than ever to be noticed without spending thousands on advertising. The chances of this occurring exponentially increase if you consistently create quality content.

To summarise, a successful, balanced, and targeted social media presence is definitely WORTHY for a small food business. This is because it is a very effective way to increase brand visibility, discoverability, and build community. To navigate this jungle, you’ll need patience, flexibility, time, and a special skill set, which you should consider before diving into your next campaign.