Restaurant business plan why are systems & procedures so crucial to your restaurant’s success?

July 15, 2021

Is owning a restaurant a life-long dream? Is your business your brainchild? Do you have an efficient team? Are you juggling several roles? You must be wondering why there are several questions. Well, owning a restaurant and running it successfully is no easy task. There can be a single owner, but a team must run the show. That brings out the best results. If your firm is solely dependent on you for functioning, we have some thoughts to share.

Yes, it was your dream. You gave it life, nurtured it, and now it has wings. It should fly independently, under your supervision. If your staff relies on you for minor decisions, your restaurant will not grow to its full potential. It is a system that should run the place, not a person. You must be wondering who makes the system. Well, yes, your thoughts are correct. You make the system, but you need to ensure that the system runs efficiently even in your absence. If you wish to branch out or franchise, you need multiple mini-units run by an operational system. This system should be designed to suit your needs. Analyze each step of your functional requirements – Opening, Setting up, Customer Service, Delivery, Purchasing, Accounting, Marketing, and others. Develop a system that can run all these effectively. That should then become your standard operating method. How to do these? How to find the balance between being an ‘owner’ and the ‘coordinator of all tasks?’ Swiss Knife has the answers.

When you want your food business to do well, you need a well-prepared company. Our Operation Standards and Project Management team ensures that your restaurant runs smoothly. We believe that consistent teamwork and systematic planning can create magic. What’s better than creating magic in cooking and serving food? Let us take a look at the procedures and plans for the smooth functioning of a firm:

Rules and regulations can be tedious. It can tire your staff and put them under pressure, resulting in creating an unhappy work environment. An overburden of rules will affect performance. You need not impose rules and lead your firm to such a situation. Operational procedures are not ‘rules’ that your team should follow out of compulsion. With consistent training, that should become the way of life. These procedures sail your business smoothly, even in the busiest times. Swiss Knife experts can help you develop a system that can equip your staff to run the place seamlessly.

Our procedure ensures that the restaurant opens daily with a complete plan for the day. We have well-prepared manuals for the Front of The House (Dining staff) and Back of The House (Kitchen Staff). They must start a day with a vision of the day’s business. Our system will help them sort any anomalies immediately without troubling your customers even slightly. Forecasting production and being prepared for any increase in demand is the most critical factor. This preparedness is possible only with a systematic procedure and regular practice. An individual can’t coordinate these daily. We shall help you set up the canvas; your team will paint a beautiful success story.

Imagine having a clockwork system in your restaurant. Your staff will cook, serve and replenish without any confusion. With this method in place, they will be able to close for the day, hand over the next day’s work to the following shift staff, and sort the day’s cash and deposits. If the staff runs a place smoothly, the comfort reflects on their service. This will attract customers. Build a sound system, and the results are manifold.

You cannot be present in multiple places simultaneously. Juggling roles is sure to add pressure. What is the solution? You need not be visible everywhere; your presence should be felt. If your restaurant runs on an efficient system like this, you can channelize your time and energy for other business requirements. If your operating procedures supervise task assignment and coordination, your firm will run successfully even in your absence. This does not mean that once the system is in place, you distance yourself from it. Your restaurant needs your vision, leadership, and directions. It is under that umbrella that your staff can function effectively. Recruit skilled employees, train them regularly, install a smooth system and give your dose of motivation and positivity to the firm. Does it sound complicated to you? Approach us to make it effortless.

We offer successful turnkey projects with lucrative business models. Our well-designed procedures can save you from the pressure of coordinating daily tasks. With us, you will focus more on business expansion, branching out, organizing business events, and other activities that can make your restaurant the best in town. Come to Swiss Knife, let’s dream and design.