Restaurant design create an ensemble of creativity, passion, and operational expertise

August 31, 2021

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

― George Bernard Shaw

Swiss Knife began its journey to become the go-to consultancy in the Food and Beverage business. We combine a highly reputed Swiss education in hospitality and service industries and the sharpness and multi-functionality of a Swiss knife. Every aspiring entrepreneur is full of dreams, concepts, and passion. Well, that is where we all begin, but that’s not all. How do we take a business idea forward, especially a Food and Beverage business? We want to call it a perfect balance of enigmatic smells and excel sheets. When we take up a project, we ensure that we travel along with it from its inception. Our team works on all aspects starting from concept design to the happy smiles of your customers. Our presence is felt in every step of your business development. We polish your dreams into a lucrative business plan.

What is design creation, and what are the elements involved in it? The world of business is luring and competitive; success doesn’t come easily. There are multiple ideas and dreams all around us. However, many such dreams lay forgotten because of the lack of planning. We call the business design a platter of numerous elements- domain-specific expertise, out-of-the-box thinking, and decisiveness. Swiss Knife has a well-educated team with high qualifications and experience, resulting in a smooth design for the operation, which facilitates a beautiful delivery of a winning concept.

F&B, like any other business, needs long-term strategies and precise planning. Along with this, what needs attention is creativity. What could be more poetic than cooking well and serving it with elegance? From sweet porridges to chocolate houses, we all grew up reading about the magic of food. Transferring this magic from the kitchen to plates is a tedious yet beautiful task. Let us take a look at the Swiss Knife way of developing your business ideas. We believe that branding is not the logo design; it is living a customer’s experience. When you approach us with a concept, our specialized teams look into the various facets of the plan—choosing a prime location, planning the investment and construction, branding, menu design, and marketing are all dealt with efficacy and expertise. We confirm that the interior design matches the brand identity and guidelines. We also place extra care in designing the menu and table sets. Customers come, see, and we conquer their hearts.

F&B business is an ensemble of a multitude of small elements. The ship needs an able captain who can sail across all tides. Often, the ideas presented are fantastic and catchy, but aspirants ignore the feasibility part. Designing something on a screen makes it look easy and perfect, but the road to success can be bumpy if you do not plan well. A restaurant or a kitchen or F&B business, for that matter, differs from other businesses in one special way. When you serve something, you evoke nostalgia in your customers—their memories of tastes and smells. We feed stomachs and minds, and that needs to be perfect. Therefore, when you develop an idea, it should be visualized from beginning to end. Brand owners, brand managers, and operations teams should cooperate and coordinate. This brings a balance between the beauty and business aspects.

The fundamental factor in bringing this balance is passion – a word that is too popular in business. A deep desire and sense of belonging towards your business idea can create wonders. It can keep you away from distractions. It is the driving force of your business. However, business models are not run by passion alone. It needs to be combined with expertise. We believe that strong will and systematic planning can build successful business empires. We look into project details from the very early stages, making a reachable milestone with a reasonable timeline. Our team blends novel ideas and experiences with finesse. That is why we are the go-to consultants for F&B business.

Interdisciplinary thinking and collaborations bring the best results. Team Swiss Knife consists of experts from variant fields who come together to create novel ideas. Our feasibility studies look into the various aspects of budgeting and marketing. We conduct regular analyses, which equip us to predict all operating expenses ahead of time. We take special care to ensure that our turnkey projects are economically feasible in the long run. The popular notion is that out-of-the-box thinking and financial planning do not go together. It is time to change such thinking. We believe in creating a perfect blend of creativity and expertise, resulting in creating successful business models. Our successful ventures such as Al Samadi Café, Ayoush Café, Urban Deli Dubai, Italfood UAE are all examples of precise planning and consistent work. Swiss Knife believes in cooking the perfect recipe for its customers – healthy and attractive. Approach us with your concepts and experience the best F&B consultancy service.